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July 8–October 19, 2008 at the Getty Center

The Getty Murua

The Getty Murúa
Edited by Thomas B. F. Cummins and Barbara Anderson

Written by the Mercedarian friar Martín de Murúa, the Historia general del Piru (1616) is one of only three extant illustrated manuscripts on the history of Inca and early colonial Peru. The essays in this set discuss not only the manuscript's physical components—quires and watermarks, scripts and pigments—but also its relation to other Andean manuscripts, Inca textiles, European portraits, and Spanish sources and publication procedures. The sum is an unusually detailed and interdisciplinary analysis of the creation and fate of a historical and artistic treasure. (paper, $40.00)

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Historia general del Piru

Historia general del Piru
(Boxed set with facsimile & essay volume)

Martín de Murúa

Martín de Murúa's manuscript, Historia general del Piru (1616) is here made available in facsimile, its beautifully calligraphed text reproduced in halftone and its 38 hand-colored images—mostly portraits of Inca kings and queens—in color.

Boxed with the facsimile is The Getty Murúa, a set of essays edited by Thomas B. F. Cummins and Barbara Anderson. (boxed set, $250.00)

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