Kathleen Gaines, Associate Director
Kathleen Gaines, Associate Director, Administration

Kathleen Gaines, as associate director of Administration, is responsible for budget administration, operations management, strategic planning, professional development and recruiting, policy implementation, organizational development, and providing business solutions to facilitate the work of the GCI. Kathleen also oversees GCI web operations and several of the GCI's major digital initiatives including Arches Project and DISCO. She holds a bachelor's of business administration in accounting from the University of San Diego. Prior to joining the GCI in 1994, she worked for Arthur Andersen LLP, where she received valuable audit and project management experience.


Valerie Ferraro, Manager
Rogene Gad, Administrative Assistant
Melena Gergen, Project Manager
Rikki McDowell, Senior Project Coordinator
Debby Ortega, Budget Clerk
David Schow, Senior Project Coordinator