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The Architectural Records, Inventories, and Information Systems for Conservation (ARIS) course was designed to lead to better-informed conservation decisions through the use of appropriate tools and techniques of documentation. Specific objectives included understanding emerging technologies, organizing data for easy access and use, and applying the most appropriate form of recording for conservation.

The first ARIS course, inspired by the documentation component of ICCROM's Architectural Conservation courses, was created and led by ICCROM in 2003. The GCI's partnership began in 2005 and courses jointly sponsored by the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM) and the Getty Conservation Institute were held in:

2005 (ARIS05)
2007 (ARIS07)
2009 (ARIS09)

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This advanced international course in architectural conservation, heritage recording, and information management was unique among conservation training courses because it examined the conservation of built heritage through the use of high-technology documentation tools and through easy-to-use techniques and research. The course looks at the proper use of these technologies to ensure that the tool selection is determined by conservation needs. In addition to instructor-led sessions, participants learn through peer presentations, lectures, exchanges, and the preparation of reports.

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