Partners and Team Members

Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA)
Getty Conservation Institute (GCI)
GCI Project Team
Neville Agnew, Senior Principal Project Specialist
Sara Lardinois, Project Specialist (2010-current)
Shin Maekawa, Senior Scientist
Jennifer Porter, Associate Project Specialist (2012–2013)
Micaela Shea, Senior Project Coordinator
Jeanne Marie Teutonico, Associate Director, Programs
Lori Wong, Project Specialist
Chen Yang, Graduate Intern (2016-2017)
Laboratory of Applied Microbiology, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University (2010-2012)
Romany Helmy (2009-current)
Robert Jensen, Photographer (2009)
Stephen Rickerby, Conservator (2009-current)
Hussein Shaboury, Designer (2010-current)
Karim Shaboury, Designer (2010-current)
Giovanni Verri, Conservator and Scientist (2009)
SCA Team Members
Ramadan Mohamed Salem Bedair, Conservator (2009-current)
Badawy Sayed Abd El Rheem, Conservator (2009-current)
Afaf Mohamed Mahmoud, Conservator (2009-current)
Rasha Kamel Mahmoud, Chemist (November 2009, July-August 2010)
Gamal Amin Abeed, Inspector (February 2009)
Ahmed Yassin Abu El Soaud, Inspector (November 2009, March 2010, July 2010, November 2010)
Ahmed Hassan Mohammed Yousef, Inspector (February-March 2012)
Ramadan Gamal Ahmed Abd El-Rahman, Inspector (November-December 2012, February-March 2013)
Additional Project Support
Beril Bicer-Simsir, Assistant Scientist
David Carson, Laboratory Manager
Giacomo Chiari, Chief Scientist (2009-2013)
Anna Duer, Research Assistant
Valerie Greathouse, Research Associate
Herant Khanjian, Assistant Scientist
Jeffrey Levin, Manager, Communications
Joy Mazurek, Assistant Scientist
Gail Ostergren, Research Associate
Catherine Patterson, Assistant Scientist
Alan Phenix, Scientist
Amarilli Rava, Project Graduate Intern (2010-2011)
Megan Salas, Project Undergraduate Intern (2012)
Michael Schilling, Senior Scientist
Karen Trentelman, Senior Scientist
Cameron Trowbridge, Manager, Research Services
Marc Walton, Associate Scientist
Samuel Whittaker, Graduate Intern (2013-2014)
Anna Zagorski, Research Associate, Communications

Page updated: November 2016