An important facet of the collaboration was to build a team of Czech conservators who could continue, after completion of the project, to monitor and maintain the mosaic. Selection of conservators was based on their previous experience in mosaic and wall painting conservation, research and scientific background, and language skills.

The team that was assembled also included both older and younger conservators so that the transfer of knowledge and experience from one generation to the next would occur. In twenty-five years, when it is projected that the mosaic's coating will need to be replaced, the young conservators that are part of the project will be senior conservators and will be able to pass their knowledge on to a new group of young conservators.

Work Completed

  • Providing theoretical information and practical training in cleaning and coating technologies, and in the conservation information recording developed for the project to all conservators on the project.
  • Developing a long-term strategy for transferring knowledge with respect to the mosaic's conservation.

Page updated: December 2009