Chapter 20 Development

The space available in the ASHRAE Applications handbook for Chapter 20 was limited. It was therefore important to determine which points were the most important to address and which ones were best left for other literature sources. The chapter's list of references was selected with particular care.

The first step in the development of the chapter was to derive a logical outline—comprehensible to engineers—that clearly described the fundamental requirements of the museum professional. Also important in the development phase was determining which committee member would become the chief author for each subsection.

The work completed included meetings of a subset of the team at the ASHRAE meeting in Dallas in February 2000 and an open seminar at the second annual ASHRAE meeting of 2000, held in St. Paul, Minnesota, to solicit from engineers any types of information that the first version Chapter 20 may have omitted or expressed unclearly. Authors were subsequently selected for each subsection of Chapter 20.