Drafting of Chapter 20

After a working outline for Chapter 20 was complete, each subsection was drafted by one of the committee experts. The full committee contained many more authoritative participants than authors. Because of this, drafts of subsections and of the entire chapter could be peer-reviewed from within the committee membership without compromising quality.

One unique aspect of ASHRAE is the Society's ability to fund and implement research that has been identified as needed. The completion of Chapter 20 was slow, in part, to identify areas where research was still lacking (if arguments for conducting this research are compelling, ASHRAE has the option of sponsoring it). Thus the process of drafting the chapter was more than preparing a simple compilation; it was a proactive document of evolving knowledge and "best practices."

The work completed included drafting a new outline and writing the chapter. The Handbook Committee approved the revised chapter in June 2002. It will be available in early 2003.