Focused Field Project

This focused field project will analyze and conserve the decorated architectural surfaces in the Tablinum of the Casa del Bicentenario, including the wall paintings and mosaic pavement. The team is carrying out written, graphic, and photographic documentation of the wall paintings in the Casa del Bicentenario. The evaluation of conditions combined with the environmental monitoring and the diagnostic investigations provide a basis for developing a holistic and comprehensive approach to the conservation. Passive and remedial measures will be taken to design climate improvement strategies and sheltering of the space. The development of conservation treatments will follow a methodological approach based on the results of the diagnostic investigation. Post treatment monitoring and maintenance will continue following completion of conservation treatment.

conservation documentation at Herculaneum conservation documentation at Herculaneum
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The project aims to ensure the long-term stability of the treatment to prevent further deterioration of these exquisite and irreplaceable wall paintings and mosaic pavement. Through scientific analysis, technical investigation, innovative treatment solutions, and a holistic approach to the conservation of the ensemble of architectural surfaces, this conserved room will serve as an example of a methodological approach for the conservation of similar wall paintings and decorated architectural surfaces at Herculaneum and other ancient Roman archaeological sites in the region.

conservation work at Herculaneum mosaic pavement at Herculaneum
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