The Institute has launched a Home Page on the World Wide Web, which allows easy access over the Internet to information both textual and graphic. Accessible from PC compatibles or Macintosh computers, the Home Page enables the GCI to reach new audiences, convey its mission and goals, enhance research capabilities for conservation professionals, and increase awareness of the importance of preserving the world's cultural heritage. General information on conservation and descriptions of the activities of the Institute are available on the Home Page. Users will also find updates on the GCI's new facilities at the Getty Center, electronic newsletters, and publication notices.

The GCI Home Page features hyperlinks—quick connections to other websites, accomplished with the click of a mouse—to numerous institutions and agencies involved in conservation and related fields. Some examples are museums, government agencies, and professional organizations. Subject areas covered include conservation and conservation science, archaeology, anthropology, geographic information systems, global positioning systems, remote sensing, and surveying.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.