At the beginning of July, the GCI and the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC) met for substantive discussions over two days on future developments of Art and Archaeology Technical Abstracts. Recently, this important resource for the profession has been under review within the GCI in an effort to improve both the quality of its information and its method of distribution. Issues covered at the meeting were the GCI/IIC relationship in the past and the role that the IIC has played, and will continue to play, in the operation of AATA; questions of audience; content coverage; and editorial process and policy. Additionally, an important discussion was held regarding the international group of abstractors, its recognition, and the critical function and extraordinary contribution that it plays in contributing to the publication. The nature of the abstracts, special supplements, copyright issues, marketing, and other matters were also debated.

As a result of these discussions, it has been agreed that the IIC will continue its involvement with the publication, which will undergo a change of name, most probably to the Getty Index to Conservation Literature. Importantly, the decision was taken to develop a Web-based interface and a cd-rom product for the publication. This will include producing a quick-start guide and brochure, launching an effective marketing campaign, and redefining the role of regional editors, as well as expanding the scope and coverage of the publication. An advisory group will be created to provide input on the scope and content, and membership for this group will include a standing member from the IIC governing board. There was near unanimity regarding the future of AATA in an electronic medium of dissemination, since this will allow better and faster access to relevant information. Of concern was the problem of providing information to regions where Internet access is limited or nonexistent. This will receive consideration, and every attempt will be made to provide broad access to the publication.

In the interim, volume 35, numbers 1 and 2, will be published in traditional hard copy under the name AATA; number 1 is due to print in August 1999, and number 2 should be available early in the year 2000.

The Web-based publication, with its many attendant issues still to be resolved, includes the possibility of regional centers for document delivery and searching, and a method of payment for subscription. Electronic distribution is planned for late in the year 2000. In the coming months, as analysis and planning develop, information will be regularly disseminated to the field.

Participants in the AATA Meeting

David Bomford
IIC,National Gallery, London

Joyce Hill Stoner
Professor and Paintings Conservator
Winterthur/University of Delaware
Program in Art Conservation

Norman Tennent
Associate Scientist
Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage

Giorgio Torraca
Associate Professor
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Chimica
Università "La Sapienza"

Marie Christine Uginet
Head Librarian, ICCROM

John Winter
President, IIC
Freer Gallery of Art
Smithsonian Institution
Washington, D.C.

Timothy P. Whalen
Getty Conservation Institute

Neville Agnew
Group Director, Information and Communications
Getty Conservation Institute

Julie Howell
Manager, Information Center
Getty Conservation Institute

Murtha Baca
Senior Project Associate, Standards and Research
Getty Research Institute

Candace Borland
Program Officer, Director's Office
Getty Education Institute

Patrick Callahan
Marketing Manager
Getty Trust Publication Services

Ben Davis
Manager of Electronic Publications
Getty Trust Publication Services

Linda Kincheloe
Research Associate, Information and Communications
Getty Conservation Institute

Kathleen McDonnell
Special Assistant to the Executive Vice President
J. Paul Getty Trust

Marta de la Torre
Group Director
Getty Conservation Institute