In the Tomb of Nefertari: Conservation of the Wall Paintings

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This catalogue is being published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at the J. Paul Getty Museum. It includes articles by Robert Steven Bianchi (J. Clawson Mills Fellow, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) and John K. McDonald (Associate Director, Yale University Art Gallery).

As a complement to the exhibition, this publication includes a description and photographs of the conservation process, discussion of significant artifacts and the tomb in the context of Egyptian art history, and an outline of the life of Nefertari. Aimed at the layperson who is interested in Egyptian art, this book will also be of value to the specialist.


The Conservation and Technology of Musical Instruments: A Bibliographic Supplement to AATA

The Conservation and Technology of Musical Instruments, edited by Cary Karp, compiles in a single bound volume abstracts on the following subjects:

  • Musical instrument conservation, including treatment, examination, analysis, and documentation
  • Musical instrument technology, including relevant aspects of materials science and the general history of technology
  • Musical performance practice as it relates to the conservation of musical instruments
  • Ethical issues arising in the conservation of musical instruments

The literature covered by the bibliography includes periodicals, published and unpublished monographs (including encyclopedias, collection catalogs, masters' theses, and doctoral dissertations), and audiovisual sources. Historic primary sources, dating from the 16th century, are given special attention. Extensive reference is also made to material available through online sources such as the International Repertory of Music Literature (RILM) and the Conservation Information Network.

    "If you do any research at all, or use libraries at all to look for material in our field, this is going to be an essential tool, and it will be neither replaced nor superseded for a generation or more."

    —Jeremy Montagu
    The Fellowship of Makers & Researchers of Historic Instruments Quarterly.