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On March 10, 1994 the Getty Conservation Institute hosted a reception for Richard Moe, President, and the Western Regional Advisors of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The site of the event was El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument, the historic birthplace of the city of Los Angeles. Guests had the opportunity to view América Tropical, the only surviving public mural in the United States by Mexican artist David Alfaro Siqueiros, painted in 1932 and now the focus of a joint conservation project of the Institute and El Pueblo. Those attending also toured two historic buildings, the Italian Hall (on whose exterior wall the mural is painted) and the Sepulveda House, guided by Jean Bruce Poole, Director of El Pueblo's Historic Museum.

Over one hundred people attended the event, including members of the board of directors of the Los Angeles Conservancy, representatives of the mayor's office and city council, and staff of the Getty Grant Program and the Conservation Institute. The evening included a media presentation on the Siqueiros mural's history and significance given by Luis Garza who has been coordinating the mural's preservation efforts for the Institute.