Harold Williams President and Chief Executive Officer, The J. Paul Getty Trust

The Getty Conservation Institute

Miguel Angel Corzo Director
Rona Sebastian Associate Director, Administration
Neville Agnew Special Projects Director
Marta de la Torre Training Program Director
Margaret Mac Lean Documentation Program Director
Dusan Stulik Scientific Program Acting Director
Jane Slate Siena Head, Institutional Relations
Mahasti Afshar Program Research Associate


Jane Slate Siena Managing Editor
Jeffrey Levin Editor
Jacki Gallagher Art Director
Paul Ushijima Designer
Westland Graphics Lithography

Electronic Edition

Jeffrey Levin Editor
Julie Radoyce Website Manager
Carol Cressler Website Coordinator
Jane Fujimoto Website Support
Nanda Prato Website Support
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The Getty Conservation Institute works internationally to further appreciation and preservation of the world's cultural heritage for the enrichment and use of present and future generations. The Institute is an operating program of the J. Paul Getty Trust. Other programs of the Trust are the J. Paul Getty Museum; the Getty Research Institute for the History of Art and the Humanities; the Getty Information Institute; the Getty Education Institute for the Arts; the Getty Leadership Institute for Museum Management; and the Getty Grant Program.

Conservation, The GCI Newsletter, is distributed free of charge three times per year, in English and Spanish, to professionals in conservation and related fields and to members of the public concerned about conservation. Back issues of the newsletter, as well as additional information regarding the activities of the GCI, can be found here.

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