The Getty Conservation Institute; 2003

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The annotated bibliography on Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites was compiled originally for the 1990 and 1993 courses, Conservation of Excavated Sites, jointly organized by the Getty Conservation Institute and the Department of Antiquities, Cyprus. It has since grown (there are currently approximately 500 citations) and there have been some modifications in the initial subject categories. The purpose of the bibliography is to provide practitioners, as well as those new to the subject, with an overview of the literature related to the management and conservation of archaeological sites.

The bibliography is conceptually organized under two major headings. The first is Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites, whose literature reflects the dual origins of archaeological site conservation in monument conservation and cultural resource management respectively. A second heading, Methods and Techniques for Protection and Stabilization, incorporates individual bibliographies on specific techniques or interventions used to control the deterioration of the site or its components.

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