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Edited by Françoise Descamps and
Claudia Cancino; 2009

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The theme, proposed by the Mayor of the City of Cusco (Peru), "Heritage of Humankind, A Heritage with Humanity" was adopted at the Organization's General Assembly in Rhodes in September, 2003. This idea is centered on the role of citizens and all the individuals who make a city's heritage come alive in its concept as well as in its celebration and interpretation.

At a meeting in Lima in October 2004, a Scientific Committee debated on how better address the proposed theme and selected case studies representative of the diversity of cultures, and the human and geographic environment of Heritage Cities.

Three speakers were invited to present an introductory note on each topic in plenary sessions and in the working groups organized following the official languages of the Organization (English, Spanish, and French) two case studies presented by a Mayor and a Heritage Professional respectively.

This publication includes the introductory notes as well as a selection of the most relevant case studies. It also includes, as an introduction, the general theme defined by the Municipality of Cusco as well as the three topics set forth by the Scientific Committee.

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Descamps, Françoise, and Claudia Cancino, eds. 2009. VIII World Symposium of the Organization of the World Heritage Cities: Cusco 2005, 19-23 September. Los Angeles, CA: Getty Conservation Institute.