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Getty Conservation Institute and Israeli Antiquities Authority; 2003

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The present glossary is the result of collaborative work between the Getty Conservation Institute and the Israel Antiquities Authority as part of the research component of the Mosaics In Situ Project and was subsequently revised during the course of technician training in Tunisia in collaboration with the Institut National du Patrimoine.

The objective of this glossary is to establish a common and unambiguous vocabulary for the recording of the conditions of and interventions on in situ floor mosaics. The terms in the glossary are divided into CURRENT CONDITION, defined in written form and illustrated, and CURRENT INTERVENTION, only defined in written form.

This mosaic glossary is by no means comprehensive and must be considered a "base" document that could be adapted and added to as necessary. According to the specific requirements of the conservation program, the terms and definitions provided can be utilized as they are or can be tailored to the work at hand.

Related projects: Mosaics in Situ and MOSAIKON Initiative.

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Getty Conservation Institute, and Israel Antiquities Authority. 2003. Illustrated Glossary: Mosaics in Situ Project: Definitions of Terms Used for the Graphic Documentation of in Situ Floor Mosaics. Los Angeles, CA: Getty Conservation Institute.