Shin Maekawa and Franciza Toledo

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The efficacy of a humidistat–controlled mechanical ventilation and space heating system was studied for creating a preservation environment for both objects and historic buildings (such as museums, libraries and archives) that are located in warm, humid climate regions. The goal was to reduce and stabilize the level of relative humidity to avoid deterioration of collections by fungi and bacteria. A low–cost, robust and technically–simple climate control system was designed and tested at Hollybourne Cottage, a 100–year–old, two–and–one–half story faux tabby building. The cottage is located in the Jekyll Island Historic District on the Atlantic coast of the state of Georgia in the United States, within the ASHRAE–defined warm, humid cooling climate region. The efficacy of the control scheme was evaluated through monitoring climates, dust depositions, and microbial activities in the building before and after the installation of the system.

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Maekawa, Shin, and Franciza Lima Toledo. 2001. A Climate Control System for Hollybourne Cottage, Jekyll Island Historic District, Georgia. Los Angeles: Getty Conservation Institute.