Norms of Quito: Final Report of the Meeting on the Preservation and Utilization of Monuments and Sites of Artistic and Historical Value (1967)


This document recognizes the abundance of monuments and sites that make up the cultural heritage of the Americas and addresses important conservation issues, such as:

  • environmental impact of accelerated development,
  • preserving historic districts and integrating them into urban areas,
  • reconciling the conflicting demands of urban growth and environmental protection,
  • the economic value of heritage, and
  • cultural tourism.

The document calls for enhancing the utility and value of the cultural heritage. It includes recommendations for action at the national and regional levels. It also proposes technical and legal measures to preserve monuments and sites, including establishing protective zones and tax exemptions for privately restored historic buildings. Concern for the cultural heritage is raised in the context of development and urban growth issues facing many Latin American countries and of the already considerable degradation.