Charter of Courmayeur (1992)


The Charter outlines national and international actions that are recommended to protect against illicit trade of cultural objects, building on previous policies. The Charter encourages governments to develop legislation and treaties to protect cultural patrimony and to increase the importance of cultural property in crime prevention programs. The Charter also suggests developing mechanisms to facilitate international cooperation among governments and collaboration with ICPO/Interpol. It emphasizes the importance of information about cultural patrimony and establishing inventories with photographs if possible. The Charter recommends that parties provide technical assistance to help other countries establish national inventories and databases. It also recommends that a document explaining the dimensions of the problem of illicit trade should be produced and submitted to appropriate government officials. Governments are urged to criminalize the illicit export and import of cultural objects. To control the flow of cultural property, the Charter recommends the use of export permissions from countries of origin, the development of an internationally recognized licensing system for art dealers, and improved exchange of information between governments and agencies.