Document of Pavia (1997)

Associazione Secco Suardo

The Document of Pavia is the result of a European effort to develop standards for the education and training of conservators/restorers. It encourages the European Union and specialists in the field to promote the field of conservation-restoration, recommends interdisciplinary exchange with other disciplines, and the definition of professional competencies of the conservator-restorer for Europe. In terms of the training conservators-restorers receive, the document recommends:

  • a balancing of theoretical and practical knowledge,
  • the teaching of communication strategies,
  • the establishment of cooperative exchange programs among training institutions, and
  • the promotion of research in conservation-restoration.

Publication of a multilingual glossary of conceptual definitions is recommended. The Document also encourages the establishment of a regulatory framework to ensure the quality of conservation-restoration interventions; this should include qualifications of team members and development of specifications for projects. The establishment of the European Network for Conservation/Restoration Education (ENCoRE) furthers this effort.