Play Online Games

You and your kids can play free online games with Getty art! Test your memory, play detective, or solve a puzzle.

Play GettyGames now!

Try your hand at a game played by children in Ancient Greece. Can you defeat the goddess of wisdom?

Play Knucklebones

Visit the Getty Museum on Whyville

The Getty Museum on Whyville
Kids can travel the world in search of art treasures, or play a card game against others while they get to know works of art from the Getty Museum. Whyville ( is an online world where kids can chat with other kids from all over the globe and earn a salary of "clams" by playing games.

Visit the virtual Getty Center on Whyville.

Read about Art

Try some tasty art tidbits online. Stylish, Spooky, Fancy - so many flavors to try!

Art Scoops

Family reading
No matter what age your children are, you can enjoy books about art, artists, and related subject matter. Download our lists of recommended books to get started—but remember, there are lots more!

Children's Books about Art and Museums (RTF, 1 p., 469KB).

Children's Books about Art and Artists at the Getty Center (RTF, 2 p., 483KB).

Children's Books about Art at the Getty Villa and the Ancient World (RTF, 3 p., 485KB).

Do an Art Project

Paint Palette
Kids can follow our downloadable instructions and activity sheets to make their own works of art.

Make a bookmark, a mask, and wheatstacks based on the Getty Center's collection.

Make Art at Home

antefixes, Getty Villa
Make ancient Roman house decorations, a lyre, a wine cup, and learn to draw an early Roman temple based on the Getty Villa's collection and architecture.

Decorate Your Home Like a Roman (PDF, 710KB)

Create a Classy Cardboard Lyre (PDF, 618KB)

Sculpt a Wine Cup for a Modern Day Symposium (PDF, 387KB)

Draw an Early Roman Temple (PDF, 256KB)