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December 2012

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Featured Renaissance Exhibition and Resources Issue

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Explore the origins of the Italian Renaissance in our new exhibition Florence at the Dawn of the Renaissance, 1300–1350. Unprecedented prosperity, urban expansion, and intellectual innovation in Florence at the time led to a new demand for artistic production throughout the city. Artists like Giotto di Bondone and Pacino di Bonaguida developed new ways of representing the world, and worked in multiple mediums, including paintings, illuminated manuscripts, and stained glass.

Explore the following topics with your lesson plans and interactive webpages:

• Books in the era before printing: Looking at Illuminated Manuscripts: Exploring an Illuminated Manuscript Page
Merchants, Their Book of Hymns, and Two Painters: The Laudario of Sant'Agnes, Pacino di Bonaguida and the Master of the Dominican Effigies

Religious and Devotional Art
• Religious works of art in this period: Spiritual Space
Friars, Bankers, and Giotto: The Peruzzi Altarpiece, Giotto di Bondone

Narrative Art and Narrative Painting:
•Narrative art: Telling Stories: Symbols of a Life
Narrative Painting, Giotto, and His Audience: Pentecost and Six Related Panels, Giotto di Bondone

The exhibition website includes a wealth of related resources including curator's blogs, interactive rich media, and high resolution images with zoom features for use in your classroom:

Exhibition online Florence at the Dawn of the Renaissance: Painting and Illumination, 1300–1350, on view through February 10, 2013

The Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence / Bonaguida
The Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence from the Laudario of SantAgnese, about 1340, Pacino di Bonaguida.
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