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November 2007

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N E W   L E S S O N S

Gods, Heroes, and Monsters: Mythology in European Art

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Engage students with tales from Greek and Roman mythology. In our curriculum Gods, Heroes, and Monsters: Mythology in European Art students will discover how stories from antiquity have been reinterpreted in literature and art for centuries since they were first told.

This curriculum is designed for elementary and secondary teachers and includes lesson plans that connect to visual arts, language arts, and social science content areas.

View Gods, Heroes, and Monsters: Mythology in European Art.

Three Goddesses / Nollekens
These 18th-century sculptures are modeled on ancient Greek and Roman art.

Three Goddesses, Joseph Nollekens, 1773-1776

C U R R I C U L A R  C O N N E C T I O N S

Clues to the Past, Insight into the Present

Current Exhibitions

Examine ancient and modern glass vessels in the exhibition Reflecting Antiquity: Modern Glass Inspired by Ancient Rome at the Getty Villa. Adapt the first lesson in the unit Ceramics: A Vessel into History to determine how vessels on view at the Getty Villa can reflect the ideologies of the culture and time period in which they were made.

Use this lesson to introduce high school students to vessels from ancient Rome and discuss their meanings, functions, and original contexts.

View the lesson plan "Ceramics: A Vessel into History—Lesson 1."

Learn more about the exhibition Reflecting Antiquity: Modern Glass Inspired by Ancient Rome, on view at the Getty Villa through January 14, 2008.

Sprinkler flask / Roman
Discuss the function of this Roman flask (made in A.D. 200–400) on view in the exhibition Reflecting Antiquity.

S C H O O L  V I S I T S

Changes in the Galleries

Getty Bookmarks

Did you know that works of art at the Getty Museum are often moved to new locations? Before you bring your class to the Getty, make sure all the artworks you want to visit are on view. Here are a couple of recent changes:

Tapestry: Don Quixote / Gobelins

Back on View
Four Tapestries in the Don Quixote Series were woven at the Gobelins Tapestry Manufactory after paintings by Charles-Antoine Coypel.

Head with Horns / Gauguin

Not on View
Head with Horns by Paul Gauguin is on loan until February 2008 for the exhibition Paul Gauguin. Artist of Myths and Dreams at the Complesso del Vittoriano in Rome.

Find the location of a work of art by using Getty Bookmarks. Register for an account and you'll always know the most current location of your bookmarked artworks. For the most up-to-date information, be sure to check Getty Bookmarks on the day of, or the night before, your visit.

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