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November 2008

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N E W    L E S S O N S

Sneak Preview!
Historical Witness, Social Messaging Curriculum

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See a preview of the curriculum Historical Witness, Social Messaging, which engages students with works of art that explore social, environmental, or political issues. The first six lessons for students in grades 3–12 are now available online.

The preview explores two topics: slavery and the environmental impacts of land use. Students learn about slavery by discussing portraits of freed slaves from ancient Greece and 19th-century America. Environmental issues are raised by comparing a 19th-century photograph of Yosemite with a post-World War II photograph of urban expansion in Los Angeles.

Look for additional lessons, as well as timelines and a glossary, to be added to this curriculum in the Spring of 2009.

View the first six lessons in Historical Witness, Social Messaging.

Related exhibition: Dialogue among Giants: Carleton Watkins and the Rise of Photography in California, on view through March 1, 2009

Tutucanula - El Capitan 3600 ft. Yo Semite/Carleton E. Watkins,
Carleton Watkins's majestic photographs of Yosemite influenced the passage of the first U.S. bill that would conserve land by creating national parks.
Tutucanula - El Capitan 3600 ft. Yo Semite, Carleton E. Watkins, 1861

S C H O O L   V I S I T S

Self-Guided Visits Still Available

School Visits

There is very limited availability for Guided Visits before June 2009 at both the Getty Center and the Getty Villa.

Self-Guided Visits are still available before June 2009 at the Getty Center.

Request a Self-Guided Visit to the Getty Center.

See the School Visit section of our Web site for updates and more information.

Elementary teachers and students contemplate Vincent van Goghs Irises during a Self-Guided Visit to the Getty Center
Elementary teachers and students contemplate Vincent van Gogh's Irises during a Self-Guided Visit to the Getty Center.

A L S O   O F   I N T E R E S T

New GettyGames Available!

For Kids

Teach art through play with fun new games and puzzles just added to GettyGames, our free online games site for kids ages 9 and up. Students can explore dozens of artworks from the J. Paul Getty Museum's collection, then learn more about each of them online or on a visit to the Getty Center. Students will build visual acuity as they try to spot details of hounds and hairdos, pair armchairs and armor, and puzzle together canals and cathedrals. Our free activity downloads are also great hands-on activities for the classroom.

Play GettyGames!

New GettyGames
New GettyGames!

C U R R I C U L A R  C O N N E C T I O N S

Lenses and Landscapes

Current Exhibitions

Explore landscape photography with your students through the exhibition In Focus: The Landscape. The exhibition features a diverse collection of landscape photography in the Getty Museum's collection made between 1845 and 1995 by French, English, American, and Japanese photographers.

Have students apply principles of landscape painting to the study of these photographs by adapting the lesson "From Foreground to Background." The uses of space, depth, and the concepts of foreground, middle ground, and background are common to both mediums. Students then create their own landscape photographs using these principles of landscape composition.

View the lesson "From Foreground to Background."

Learn more about the exhibition In Focus: The Landscape, on view through January 11, 2009 at the Getty Center.

 River Scene/ Camille Silvy
River Scene, Camille Silvy, 1858

S C H O O L  V I S I T S

Major Changes in the Galleries

School Visits

Getty Bookmarks

Did you know that works of art at the Getty Museum are often moved to new locations? Before you bring your class to the Getty, make sure all the artworks you want to visit are on view. Here is one change:

The Getty Center
Statue of Venus/ Unknown Roman

Gallery Closure
The first floor of the North Pavilion will be closed for renovations starting November 11, 2008, and will reopen in May of 2009. These galleries include displays of the Getty's collection of antiquities, glass, ceramics, and bronze sculpture.

Find the location of a work of art by using Getty Bookmarks. Register for an account and you'll always know the most current location of your bookmarked artworks. For the most up-to-date information, be sure to check Getty Bookmarks on the day of, or the night before, your visit.

Register for Getty Bookmarks now!

Search or browse the Getty Museum's collections online.

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Admission to the Getty is FREE. Admission to the Getty Villa requires an advance, timed ticket. Parking is $15, but FREE after 5:00 p.m. for Saturday evening hours at the Getty Center and for evening events at both locations.
Get details about visiting the Getty Center and the Getty Villa.

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