The Getty Foundation takes the assessment of our grants seriously. The first step is for staff to monitor each grant through completion to see if it is successful in terms of accomplishing the initial goals as outlined in the proposal. More broadly in terms of impact on the Getty's fields, we develop program plans for each of our strategic initiatives that set goals and evaluation criteria that guide us in tracking our progress. Evaluation plans vary based on the individual initiative's needs.

One example is the evaluation currently taking place as part of our Panel Paintings Initiative, which is focused on training the next generation of structural panel paintings conservators before the current experts retire. We began the initiative with a thorough Needs Assessment to set a baseline for how many conservators were needed to maintain current standards of care for collections in North America and Europe, including Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. We have been working towards meeting this goal through grants that support training residencies, and we are assessing participants' progress through regular surveys.

Other examples of evaluation efforts include: a 2008 evaluation of our Multicultural Undergraduate Internship program; the 2012 Economic Impact Analysis report for Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945-1980; and our Interim Report for the Online Scholarly Catalogue Initiative. These resources and others are accessible through our News and Resources page.

last updated: July 1, 2015