The MOSAIKON initiative is dedicated to improving the care and presentation of mosaics of classical antiquity in museums and in situ in the Middle East and North Africa. For its part as a MOSAIKON partner, the Foundation is focused on training for individuals responsible for the care of mosaics, capacity building for museum professionals, and strengthening the network of these individuals across the Mediterranean. Following is a list of our grants in this initiative.

Centro di Conservazione Archeologica S.R.L., Rome, Italy

MOSAIKON C.C.A training
The Centro di Conservazione Archeologica (CCA) in Rome received a grant in 2010 for a multi-year training program for mosaic restorers. Originally scheduled to take place at the Damascus Citadel in Syria, training was relocated to CCA's headquarters outside of Rome. The program concluded in 2013, and sixteen restorers from Syria, Tunisia, and Jordan completed in-depth training courses that focused on ancient mosaic techniques, planning and executing basic conservation treatments, and the preparation of condition reports and conservation documentation.

Based on the success of the first grant, CCA received a second MOSAIKON grant in 2013 for an ambitious follow-up program to train restorers from Jordan, Libya, Syria, and Tunisia and prepare a new generation to become trainers themselves. First, CCA led two basic training workshops for a group of restorers not trained through the earlier grant. Next, the most promising and engaged mosaic conservation technicians from the training courses were selected to participate in advanced training. Beginning in 2015, this group of 15 advanced trainees learned teaching techniques at CCA's headquarters outside Rome. The advanced training culminated in 2016 with direct training on in situ mosaics in Ephesus, Turkey and Guidonia, Italy.
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Grant support: €798,000 (2010), €1,600,000 (2013)

International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM), Rome, Italy

At the outset of the initiative, MOSAIKON partner ICCROM received a grant to organize a planning meeting with key stakeholders from various countries in the Mediterranean. Subsequent grants support a 2012 workshop in Amman, Jordan for curators and others responsible for lifted mosaics in museums in North Africa and the Middle East; and pilot projects resulting from a 2010 workshop organized by the Getty Conservation Institute and ICCROM in Tyre, Lebanon.

ICCROM's most recent MOSAIKON grant is for the first-ever translation into Arabic of key texts related to the care and conservation of mosaics. Although North Africa and the Middle East have perhaps the most significant mosaics heritage in the world, the professionals who are responsible for their care often do not have access to the key texts on mosaics conservation. The online publications will be an important resource for professionals in the MOSAIKON network, including site managers, museum staff, conservators, and senior technicians as well as the wider Arabic-speaking conservation community.

Grant support: €56,000 (2008); €37,300 (2009); €156,000 and €120,000 (2010); €150,000 (2013)

CICRP Belle de Mai

The CICRP (Centre Interregional de Conservation et Restauration du Patrimoine) based in Marseille received a grant for an intensive training program for Algerian, Lebanese, and Egyptian mosaic conservation technicians at MDAA (the Atelier de conservation et restauration du musée départemental Arles antique). The training is bringing together a dozen restorers for several sustained modules of intense coursework that includes an overview of mosaic history and techniques, mosaic terminology, documentation, the study and treatment of several lifted Roman mosaics, and site visits to nearby museums.

Grant support: €516,700 (2012)

University of Cyprus, Nicosia

Grants to the University of Cyprus are strengthening the International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics (ICCM), a key MOSAIKON partner based in Cyprus. ICCM promotes the conservation of mosaics and provides a network for specialists to discuss approaches, methods, and treatments. Grants in 2009 and 2012 enabled ICCM to update its membership database and create an improved website and newsletter, both of which are produced in French, Arabic, and English. In addition, ICCM received two grants in 2010 and 2013 to allow mosaics conservation professionals, mainly from North Africa and the Middle East, to attend the organization's triennial conferences. The 2014 conference also includes a specialized workshop on site management for alumni of MOSAIKON training programs, which will reinforce skills and further build the network. The ICCM grants also included ongoing support for the MOSAIKON regional coordinator.

Grant support: €174,000 (2009), €173,000 (2010), and €184,500 (2012)

The British School at Rome, Italy

The British School at Rome received support to organize a week-long workshop in September 2013 at Herculaneum and Ercolano in Italy focused on protective shelters for mosaics at archaeological sites. The workshop introduced site managers, archaeologists, architects, and preservation professionals from North Africa and the Middle East to the design and maintenance of shelters for in situ mosaics.

Grant support: €78,000 (2012)

King's College London, England

In 2010 King's College London received support to organize two five-day workshops on mosaic conservation for site managers, archaeologists, and technicians in Libya, a country with many significant Greek, Roman, and Punic mosaics. The workshops introduced those responsible for mosaics care to best practices. Libya's political transformations of 2011 required organizers to adjust their plans, and in 2013 they successfully completed the workshops and identified candidates to receive follow-up training through other MOSAIKON programs.

Grant support: £64,000 (2010)