The application deadline for this grant is October 16, 2017.

To begin: review the information below. Then click the "Begin a New Application" link beneath "How to Apply" below.

GRI Special Collections Reading Room
Getty Library Research Grants provide partial, short-term support for researchers requiring the use of specific collections housed in the Getty Research Institute (GRI). The GRI's grant budget has been generously supplemented by donations from Getty Research Institute Council members and the Getty Conservation Institute.

Specialized Library Research Grant Opportunities
In addition to the open call for applications relating to projects utilizing any specific area of the GRI's collections, several focused grants will be awarded in the following areas of study:

  • Research related to the modern commercial art market, Los Angeles modern architecture, or design.
  • Research in the area of 18th-century German art as it relates to the religious, philosophical, and aesthetic contextualization of the Romantic movement.
  • Research within the GRI's photo archive, a collection of two million photographs of works of art and architecture providing opportunities for original pictorial research in the fine arts, including the history of photography.
  • Research that utilizes the Conservation Collection, specialized research materials related to the preservation and conservation of material cultural heritage.

  • Eligibility
    Library Research Grants are intended for researchers of all nationalities and at any level who demonstrate a compelling need to use materials housed in the Research Library, and whose place of residence is more than eighty miles from the Getty Center. Projects must relate to specific items in the library collection. (To search the collections, please consult the Research Library's Search Tools and Databases.)

    Library Research Grants are intended to provide partial support for costs relating to travel, lodging, and living expenses. Housing is not provided. In general, grants are awarded as follows depending upon the distance traveled:

  • Within California (must be more than 80 miles away from GRI): $800
  • North America, including Canada and Mexico: $1,500
  • International outside of North America: $3,000

  • The research period may range from several days to a maximum of three months. These terms apply as of August 2017 and are subject to future changes. Please see important information about the terms of these grants here.

    Notification Process
    Applicants are notified of the Research Institute's decision approximately two months following the deadline.

    Applicants who do not receive grant awards are still welcome to use the Research Library in accordance with its access policy.

    Application Availability and Deadline
    Complete application materials are now accepted through an online application process only. The next deadline to submit application materials (including letters of recommendation) for these grants is 5:00 p.m. (PDT) October 16, 2017.

    How To Apply
    Applicants are required to complete and submit the online Library Research Grant application form (which includes uploading a Project Proposal; Curriculum Vitae; and Selected Bibliography of Research Library Collections you wish to consult) by the deadline. Two letters of recommendation are also required for this application (see Letters of Recommendation below).

    For the best user experience, we strongly recommend use of the Google Chrome browser. You may also use Firefox or Safari. The Internet Explorer 11 (IE) browser is not fully compatible with our portal.

    Begin a New Application

    Create or update your account and password, log in, and begin a new application. You may return to your work at any time by visiting the portal at the link above and logging into your account.

    Please note: Once you have created and saved an application form, be sure to return to work on the same form by selecting the "In Progress" link to return to your saved application. Otherwise, you may inadvertently create multiple versions of the same application and your recommendation letters may not be linked to the application you submit.

    1. Project Proposal (not to exceed two pages, typed and double-spaced): This statement should include a description of your proposed research project during your visit here; an explanation of your project's current state of development (that is, a new project, a work in progress, a project nearing completion); and a description of what you expect to accomplish at the Research Library. Do not include your bibliography here - see item 3 below.

    2. Curriculum Vitae

    3. Selected Bibliography of Getty Research Institute collections: Cite collections or other resources housed in the Research Library that are important to your proposed research project and that you wish to consult during your visit. Please review the Research Library's Search Tools and Databases to search for material of interest; please list citations in a recognized style manual format, such as the Chicago Manual of Style or equivalent.

    Special information regarding the use of audio/visual materials: If you wish to consult audio/visual materials, some or all of the items may require reformatting before they can be made available to you. Reformatting may take up to three months and is subject to approval based on the condition of the original materials.

    If your grant request is approved, we will submit a request for reformatting on your behalf, where necessary. However, please be aware that the subject content of the originals or the copies has not been analyzed or verified. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the originals, or their copies, will contain the "performances" you need.

    Please provide an itemized list of all audio/visual materials you wish to consult. Since we may not be able to reformat all of the items requested, we ask that you please prioritize your list so that we can be sure that the items of greatest research value to you are completed prior to your arrival.

    LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: As part of this application you will request that two confidential letters of recommendation be forwarded by your recommenders through the system by the deadline. You will be prompted to enter the names and emails of your references as you fill out the application form. A link will then be sent to them automatically that will allow them to upload their confidential recommendations. Recommenders should attach a scanned original letter to the e-mail. Once you request this information you will be able to monitor your account to confirm that the letters have been submitted.

    Please address inquiries to the following:

    Attn: Library Research Grants
    Phone: (310) 440-7374