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A Symposium Held at the Getty Center on June 20–23, 2002

Sponsored by the Antiquities Department of the J. Paul Getty Museum, this symposium brought together distinguished theater practitioners and academics to address one of the most stimulating topics in theater today: the forms and relevance of contemporary adaptations of ancient drama. The result was three intense days of compelling discourse and provocative performance. Selected transcripts from the symposium are published in the Spring/Summer 2003 issue of Arion: A Journal of Humanities and the Classics, published by Boston University.

When the Getty Villa in Malibu reopened in January 2006, it included an outdoor classical theater for the staging of ancient drama as part of its program concentrating on the art of the ancient Mediterranean. The collection of talent and the exploration of ideas and forms of ancient performance at the 2002 symposium were a prelude to events and performances now being staged at the Getty Villa. The complete program of the symposium with biographies of the presenters follows.


Symposium Program (200 KB, 4pp.)


Speaker Biographies (299 KB, 10 pp.)

Photograph of ancient drama performance by Mike Fanning