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Coming of Age in Ancient Greece

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Coming of Age in Ancient Greece

Premiere Presentation
Museum, Exhibitions Pavilion

Ancient Greek artists depicted children on a variety of art objects, from marble tomb sculptures to painted vases and terracotta statuettes. Coming of Age in Ancient Greece: Images of Childhood from the Classical Past brings together some 150 depictions of childhood in ancient Greece from over 50 museums and collections. These objects paint a rich portrait of the lives of children and families in the Greek world. The exhibition and accompanying exhibition Web site are designed to bring the ancient past alive for both children and adults. An original play, The Swallow Song, debuts in October to complement the exhibition.


Press Materials

The Getty Presents First Major Exhibition to Explore Images of Childhood in Ancient Greece


Fact Sheet


Childhood in Ancient Greece and the Modern World


The Getty Commissions Original Play to Bring the Classical Past to Life for Today's Audiences


Chronology of Childhood in Ancient Greece


Object List

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Image Bank

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Grave Stele of Girl Appollonia
Kylix with Child on Potty and Mother
Statuette of Woman Carrying Child on Shoulders




Group Statuette of Seated Old Man Offering Grapes to a Girl
Kylix with Courting Scene
Kylix with School Scene of Girls


Chous with Boys Playing Knucklebones