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The Getty Information Institute closed its doors and its Web site on June 30, 1999.

June 30, 1999

Many of the pages of the Information Institute Web site can be accessed in new locations, listed below:

  • A Guide to the Description of Architectural Drawings
  • AAT (Art & Architecture Thesaurus)
  • Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
  • Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA)
  • Categories for the Description of Works of Art
  • Census of Antique Art and Architecture Known to the Renaissance
  • Getty Provenance Index
  • Getty Standards Program
  • Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names (TGN)
  • Getty Vocabulary Program
  • Introduction to Imaging
  • Introduction to Metadata
  • Object ID
  • ULAN (Union List of Artist Names)
  • UCLA/Getty Summer Institute for Knowledge Sharing

The Getty Information Institute (formerly the Art History Information Program) was established in 1983 as an operating program of the J. Paul Getty Trust, with the mandate to explore ways of applying computer technology to improve scholarly access to art-historical information. During the decade and a half of its operation, the Institute achieved wide recognition as a leader in information technology for the visual arts and humanities.

The Institute has collaborated with like-minded organizations worldwide to build a critical mass of electronic information essential to art-historical research. It has fostered the development and use of data standards for sharing information and tested model approaches to collaboration and networking. Over the past year, the Getty Trust has been considering ways to accomplish its mission more effectively by promoting greater integration of activity across the entire organization. As part of a wider reorganization of the Getty Trust's activities, the work of the Information Institute was integrated with that of several other Getty programs; as of the end of June 1999, the Institute no longer exists as a separate entity.

The Getty remains committed, nevertheless, to creative uses of information science and technology to advance the study of the visual arts and humanities. This reorganization will allow the Getty greater flexibility and will make the most of the combined expertise of all the Getty's programs, including its grant-making function. Most components of the Institute's Web site have now been relocated and associated with other Getty programs, and will be accessible from the Index of the Getty Web site. Some components will move to external organizations or to internal archives. For your convenience, when you attempt to access a resource that has been relocated, a message will direct you to the new address.

The Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals is the only comprehensive American index to the current literature of architecture and design. The Avery surveys more than 700 US and foreign journals, 75 percent of which are not indexed in any other source. For information on how to order the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals on CD-ROM, go to The complete Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals, updated daily, is available online through the CitaDel subscription service of the Research Libraries Group (RLG). For further information about Avery via CitaDel, go to

The Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA) is the world's most comprehensive abstracting and indexing service for current literature on the history of art in Europe and the New World. It surveys the visual arts and material culture from late antiquity to the present. For information on how to order the BHA on CD-ROM, go to The complete BHA database, including its predecessor indexes RILA and RAA, is also available through the subscription services of the Research Libraries Group. For further information about BHA via CitaDel, go to

The demonstration project, a.k.a., is no longer available.

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About the Getty:

The J. Paul Getty Trust is an international cultural and philanthropic institution devoted to the visual arts that features the Getty Conservation Institute, the Getty Foundation, the J. Paul Getty Museum, and the Getty Research Institute. The J. Paul Getty Trust and Getty programs serve a varied audience from two locations: the Getty Center in Los Angeles and the Getty Villa in Malibu.

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