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May 2011

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Closing this Sunday, May 1
Brush & Shutter: Early Photography in China

This exhibition explores photography's introduction to China in the mid-19th century and the cultural shifts that heralded the technology's arrival.

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Brush & Shutter install


Questioning the Standard: New Narratives of Art in Los Angeles
Friday, May 13, 2011
9:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Museum Lecture Hall, The Getty Center

Curators, scholars, and educators working on the Pacific Standard Time region-wide research initiative address some of the myths and stereotypes that still pervade accounts of Los Angeles art in the postwar period.

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Drive-In Theater / Shulman
Drive-In Theater, Julius Shulman, 1948. Julius Shulman Photography Archive, the Getty Research Institute, 2004.R.10 © J. Paul Getty Trust

N E W   O N   T H E   W E B

Modern Art in Los Angeles: A Conversation with Frederic Tuten and Steve Martin

New York–based novelist Frederic Tuten and actor and author Steve Martin discuss the interchange between contemporary art and fiction and how visual art influences their work in this conversation held at the Getty Center in October 2010.

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Andrew Perchuk, Frederic Tuten, and Steve Martin
Andrew Perchuk, deputy director of the Getty Research Institute, with Frederic Tuten and Steve Martin
Finding Aid
William Hemmerdinger Papers, 1941–2007

These papers document artist, writer, educator, and gallery owner William Hemmerdinger's multifaceted career. The collection is rich in research files about artists and in ephemera from Southern California galleries, and includes original artworks by artists such as Karl Benjamin, Connor Everts, Claire Falkenstein, and Matsumi Kanemitsu.

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Portrait of William Hemmerdinger
Portrait of William Hemmerdinger, 1975. William Hemmerdinger papers, 1941–2007. The Getty Research Institute, 2010.M.74


Modern Japanese Art and the Meiji State: The Politics of Beauty
Dōshin Satō

This ground-breaking and highly influential analysis, newly translated into English, describes how Western art institutions and artistic vocabulary were transplanted to Japan in the late 19th century. Representing a reconceptualization of Japanese art history, it exposes the politics by which the words, categories, and values that still structure our understanding of the field arose, while revealing the historicity of the field of Western and non-Western art history as we know it.

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Modern Japanese Art and the Meiji State
Paragons and Paragone: Van Eyck, Raphael, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Bernini
Rudolf Preimesberger

These essays on Renaissance and Baroque art, published in English for the first time, are modern classics of art history. Preimesberger reveals the paragone—the notion of competition and rivalry among the arts—to be a crucial motive and key to the interpretation of some of the most celebrated works of art. This analysis of social history, biography, rhetoric, art theory, wordplay, and history illuminates these works anew, presenting surprising insights and unsuspected drama in seemingly well-known works.

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Paragons and Paragone

L O O K I N G   A H E A D

Display and Art History: The Düsseldorf Gallery and Its Catalogue
May 31–August 21, 2011

This exhibition showcases the making of one of the earliest modern catalogues, La galerie électorale de Dusseldorff. Published in 1778, this revolutionary two-volume publication illustrates the display of an important European painting collection, reflecting a pivotal moment in the history of art as well as the history of the art museum.

Banner image: Drive-In Theater, Julius Shulman, 1948. Julius Shulman Photography Archive, the Getty Research Institute, 2004.R.10 © J. Paul Getty Trust
First room, first facade of the Dusseldorf gallery
First room, first facade of the Düsseldorf gallery (detail), 1776. Printer's proof for Nicolas de Pigage and Christian von Mechel, La galerie électorale de Dusseldorff . . . (1778). The Getty Research Institute, 870670

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