Head of Aphrodite, 2nd century A.D., Roman, marble. Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Gift of Wright S. Ludington

Greek and Roman Sculpture from the Santa Barbara Museum of Art



South Pavilion, Plaza Level

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Drawn from the Santa Barbara Museum of Art's superb collection of ancient Greek and Roman sculpture, this installation features a selection of marble and bronze works depicting gods and goddesses, heroes, athletes, and other subjects. Most are Roman works dating from the first century B.C. to the second century A.D. that reproduce famous Greek originals. These include a copy of the Doryphoros (Spear Bearer) by Polykleitos and a replica of Lysippos's Weary Herakles. Also among the fourteen works is a small beautiful head of an Amazon, thought to be an original Greek sculpture of the fourth century BS, and an important over-life-size Roman statue of the god Hermes (or Mercury), which has undergone extensive conservation work at the Getty Villa.

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