The Getty Center is ADA accessible to all visitors.

Service animals, such as a guide dog for the blind, are welcome at the Getty Center.

Seating and resting areas are available throughout the site—in the Museum Entrance Hall, in the Museum Courtyard, in the Central Garden, at upper and lower tram stations, and in all five gallery pavilions. The Family Restroom in the South Pavilion has a chair for comfort and privacy.

For further information, call (310) 440-7300 or TTY (310) 440-7305, or e-mail us at

For the Blind or Partially Sighted

A visual descriptions audio tour offers detailed descriptions of works in the Museum's collection for visitors with visual loss and those seeking an in-depth looking experience. GettyGuide® multimedia players are available free of charge in the Museum Entrance Hall.

Lighting in photographs, manuscripts, and drawings galleries may be dimmed to protect the art.

For the Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Free assisted listening devices (ALDs) are available for all tours as well as for the Orientation Theater. Each ALD has one ear piece that slips around the ear, and a clip that can be attached to clothing.

Induction neck loops, which work with hearing aids that have a T-coil switch, are available free of charge at the Information and GettyGuide Desks as well as most event venues.

The Harold M. Williams Auditorium, the Museum Lecture Hall, and some meeting rooms are equipped with infrared sound enhancement systems. ALDs and neck loops are available free of charge at these locations.

Open captioning in English is provided in the Orientation film, which is shown in the Orientation Theater in the Museum Entrance Hall.

Sign language interpretation is available on request. Requests must be made 14 days in advance by contacting Visitor Services at TTY (310) 440-7305, (310) 440-7300, or by e-mail at

Text transcriptions of audio tours are available on tablet devices at the Information Desk.

All payphone banks have amplified volume. TTY public telephones can be found in the following locations:

  • Museum Entrance Hall, by the Coat Check Room
  • Adjacent to the Museum Lecture Hall
  • Adjacent to the Cafe entrance (on level L2)

For Those with Mobility Impairments

Accessible parking spaces are located on the entry level (P1) of the Getty Center parking structure. Accessible parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The computer-operated tram from the parking facility to the top of the hill is safe and accessible for visitors using wheelchairs. Please note that wheelchairs are loaded onto the tram only in the end cars. To reach the tram, take the elevator in the parking lot up to level T1. The tram station is approximately 20 level feet from the elevator doors.

Standard wheelchairs are available for free at the Lower Tram Station (T1) and at the Coat Check Room in the Museum Entrance Hall.

Front and rear row wheelchair seating is available in the Harold M. Williams Auditorium and the Museum Lecture Hall for visitors using wheelchairs and their companions. Please arrive early to reach this area before programs begin. Visitor Services staff are available to assist you.

Accessible facilities are available in all public restrooms at the Getty Center. Family restrooms, located in the South Pavilion, include private facilities in which you can assist a companion.

Elevators are available throughout the site, including:

  • In all five gallery pavilions
  • From the Tram Arrival Plaza to the Museum Plaza level (approximately 60 level feet from the Museum Entrance Hall), located behind the tram
  • From the Museum Entrance Hall to the second floor of the North Pavilion
  • From the Museum Courtyard to the Central Garden and the Exhibitions Pavilion
  • Pay Once, Park Twice

    Get same-day parking at both the Getty Center and the Getty Villa for one $15 fee. (Offer not valid on Mondays or Tuesdays.)